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Purchase your Teel replacement pump with a fully warrantied product manufactured in America Today! We have the largest inventory and prices that can’t and won’t be beat for the Teel Pumps replacement models you’re looking for. Many of the pump model numbers ship same day!

Teel Pump Catalog

Note: Teel is a discontinued private label product, not an actual manufacturer.

Teel Pump Catalog

Teel Pump Catalog – The Good News…

  • We can offer replacement pumps built by the same company that made your original Teel pump!
  • Over 200 Teel pump models we can cross to the original pump!
  • TeelPumpCatalog are experts at crossing Teel pump models to the original manufacturer models.
  • We can ship many of the Teel replacement pump models on the same day of the order.
  • If you find the model on this site, you can order!
  • The Bad News…

  • We do not sell repair parts of kits for any Teel models.
  • No Documents. Therefore, we do not have any Teel datasheets or manuals to provide you. 
  • Sorry, consequently we do not provide any technical information, service, support or specifications for any original Teel pumps. 

Teel Pump Catalog

Teel Pumps are a GRAINGER Brand much in the same way that Kirkland is a Costco Brand. We will try our best to cross over a Teel Pump to the same pump offered by the original manufacturer when we can. When it comes to replacement pump parts, kits, technical information or manuals, you will have to call GRAINGER for assistance.

If you are looking for Booster Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps or Engine Driven Pumps and Pedestal Pumps, we can help you out right now on select models. TeelPumpCatalog.com does does not sell to home or residential customers and we will point you to the GRAINGER website for further assistance.

Please to not hesitate to give us a call as our salespeople are extremely experienced and will help you or point you in the right direction. You can browse our list of Teel Pump Models here or you can shop online right now here.

We are Authorized Pump Distributors for Many Manufacturers! We Are Pump People! For our entire Pump Catalog visit PumpCatalog.com.

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    Teel Pump CatalogTeel Pump Catalog